What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of hundreds cannabinoids found in plants of the cannabis family. Cannabinoids got their name because they were first found in Cannabis plants. However, it was later found that Cannabinoids exist in many other places including the human body. Each Cannabinoid has its own special and unique effect and in many cases health benefits.

Why Use CBD?

Many people, with different ailments, are benefiting from the use of CBD. In addition to that, these people typically notice very little or no side effects. Many scientific studies on CBD have been performed already and many possible uses have come to light. Despite this, at the current time, CBD is not an officially registered medicine for most ailments and diseases, so we are not allowed to make any medical claims regarding CBD but we can say that, in general, CBD supports the functioning of the immune system for example.

Is CBD Safe?

CBD oils are a safe product, with the vast majority of consumers experiencing no side effects. This means you can safely increase your dosage. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 160mg however, as higher doses are considered for medicinal purposes only. CBD (cannabidiol) is LEGAL. It is extracted from the Industrial Hemp plant which is an entirely different plant to the illegal marijuana plant (Cannabis Indica).

Can I Get High?

Weedibles™ CBD products will NOT get you “high”! Our products no THC or exist below untraceable levels in accordance to UK Law.

How do you use CBD?

Weedibles™ CBD Capsules, CBD Oils, and CBD Gummies are made for oral consumption. If you don’t like the flavor of the oil options (we offer CBD oils in many delicious flavours), capsules or gummies are a great alternative. CBD oils are to be applied under the tongue, and held for 30-60 seconds before being swallowed. CBD Capsules can be swallowed whole with a drink of water. We also have CBD Patches, which slowly release CBD throughout the day, just stick on and go. If you prefer vaping, we have that different flavoured eliquids that fit most vape sticks!

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